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Corby's Pile-O-Crap

I am a 28 year old white male, 5'3" and chunky. I have brown hair/eyes, a few tattoos, a mustache and goatee, short hair and getting longer, and I own my car flat out. I am intelligent, extroverted(to a point), a total goofball, really into computers, books, movies, and I used to play pool a lot, but haven't gotten back into it since I had LASIK surgery on my eyes a few years ago. I admit that I have not truly found my "purpose" or "calling," but I am working on it. I am a bit of a musician and poet, and I listen to just about every kind of music. I love animals, but am allergic to cats and rabbits. I have moved halfway across the country to escape my allergies and asthma, and make a new start for myself. I have recently discovered that my girlfriend and I are parents-to-be. I am ready but still a bit scared.